Would you tell your adopted child about their birth parents?

             Would you tell your adopted child about their birth parents risking the peace you have established among the family? In my view, you have to look forward to the happiness of the child and skip this subject that will sure bring problems.
             In the first place, if you have adopted a child is because he or she has had a not very pleasant past. For instance, to inform the child about a mother that was pregnant, but didn’t want to be and a father that suggested killing the baby by making an abortion, it’s only to set up confusion in the child’s head. Moreover, it’s a menace for the happiness and the feeling of comfort ability with his or her self. For example, how would you feel if you get to know that you were brought to this world because of an accident, which can be the bad state of a condom or just the irresponsibility that your birth parents had in the moment they had sexual relations?
             Secondly, your child must spend her or his energy in studying, practicing a sport, playing an instrument and not in worrying about the history of the birth parents. Mostly the past of them is terrible. So, by not telling the dreadful truth to the child, you will be avoiding a talk that will for sure lead to a change in the mood of the child and his and perhaps her behavior towards you. I’m convinced that if my adopted parents once tell me that I was born because my biological mother was raped, by no means will I stand knowing that my father was a violator. I will need to be listen by a psychologist. It will be a very heavy story to hold it alone in my shoulders and I will wonder when the world collides in order to prepare a party with time.
             To sum up, we see that many problems can be avoided if you don’t tell your adopted child about their birth parents. I strongly affirm that it’s better to prevent these problems that then to treat them.

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