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Do I feel that the African Americans should be repamandated by the United States Government for being sold into slavery? No, I feel if the government began to try to conasate for some of the peoples mistakes that it would be such a snowball effect that it would cause a great problem for our society. To begin with how could you justafive for such an unfair and uncivilized condition. The people of this culture, of which these acts were induced upon are long gone and how could you begin to make it easier for those that have been gone for so long? I don’t feel that anyone other then those that suffered the true pain are instilled to be rewarded for something that they didn’t do. A society is a group of people organized together so that its needs-the sustaining of life at the most basic lever-can be met. Culture is a broad term which embraces all the specific characteristics of a society- technology; modes of dress and diet; economic, social and political organization,styles of shelter; religion; language; methods of child-rearing; and so forth- as they are functionally related to each other. Put most simply, “culture” means a way of life, the framework w Continue...

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This is what is meant when we refer to "cultural traits or"group behavior. But "culture and"society are also terms which imply standards or norms of behavior, the mean ofindividual characteristics. We are dealing not withgenetically different groups but with human populations from different parts of theworld, with groups of people with cultural differences. The reality ofrace is thus as much a social as a biological reality, the inheritance of physical traitsserving as the raw material for social sorting devices, by which both stigmata andprivileges may be systematically allocated. We are all citizens of the United Statesof American and I feel that we should all be treated with equal rights. These too are systems of thought and belief, ways of organizing the life ofsociety and channeling its energies and values. ithin which any group ofpeople-a society-comprehends the world around it and acts in it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. Because we Americans, belonging to the same nation, speaking the same language,living under the same law, participating in the same economic and political system-allof which make up the American "culture does not mean that we are all alike. My only hope is that someday all these racial and preguse may be but aside and wecould bind ourselves together by taking hold of each other's hands so firmly and forminga circle so strong that if a a tree should fall upon it, it could not shake nor break it, so thatour people and grandchildren shall remain in the circle in security, peace and happiness. Though we will often speak of racial groups and racial interaction, these ters do norefer to genetically different groups of people. Our own wars, fought today with even greaterferocity and technological ruthlessness in the name of ideological systems provide away of understanding why Christians would fight so relentlessly to defend or spreadtheir particular faith in the early period. The African Americans are not the only culture that suffered pain from theAmerican people . Most of all, are looking at theway in which these peoples, brought into contact with each other, changed over thecourse of several centuries and changed in a manner that would shape the course ofAmerican history for generation to come. Americans organize their lives differently and behave differently from people in otherparts of the world.


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