Relationship with god

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My relationship with God is based mainly on trust, love and respect, common values, time, and communication. Trust is a vital part the relationship between God and myself. I am frequently confiding in Him about personal issues that I prefer not to talk about with others. Talking to God about personal matters is not hard for me to do because secrecy is important to me and I am certain that I do not have to worry about someone else finding out. I trust and accept God and his beliefs, as well as the Bible. They are a considerable part of my life at home and at school. The Bible tells us to do what is right, and I trust that doing the right thing is the best thing for me to do. I have trust in God that He will guide me to do what is best. My trust in God is received by the trust God has in me. The main example of God’s trust in me is His allowing me to have free will and rein over my life. He lets chart my own course in life and trusts that I will do what is right and follow his beliefs and teachings. The love and respect I have for God, as well as His for me, helps build a better relationship. I show my love for god by making sacrifices. I am often sacrificing time to help my sibling witch homework, or being p Continue...

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God is also constantly communicating with us. God's unconditional love for us is furthermore displayed when somebody comes to lend a helping hand, such as firemen, friends, family, or sometimes even a stranger. God is always spending time with us. He knows that what we pray for is important and that we are devoted to Him, therefore He will answer our prayers. Honesty is extraordinarily vital in maintaining my relationship with God. I also pray before some meals, especially on the holidays. It is incredibly important to Him that we treat each other decently. One way to communicate with God is through prayer. God exhibits his love and respect for us through his creations. It can really ruin a strong relationship by being untruthful. These things are done to show my love for God. He tells us about Himself and about His wishes for us. I occasionally attend church, the home of God, where I connect with Him through prayer. One of these values is forgiveness. I also communicate with God by talking to him as a friend and a companion.


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