Dickens's Christmas Carol : Role of Children

             The Role of Children in Dicken’s Christmas Carol
             Children are common figures used in literature to portray purity, wholesomeness, and innocence. Authors also use other child figures, those less innocent, yet in most cases violent figures are rarely the latter form. It is to extract the innocence and purity that Dicken’s authors two of four main characters as children. Main characters, Ebeneezer Scrooge and his employee Bob Cratchit are accompanied by child roles, Tiny Tim (Cratchit’s son) and Fred (Scrooge’s nephew). It is through the character of Scrooge that Dicken’s educates his readers on basic laws of humanity and kindness. The innocent child characters are foils for Scrooge’s unkind coldhearted character. Throughout the story Dickens expels a character so vile and cold that he turns away two men asking for a donation on Christmas Eve and denies Bob Cratchit of heat when he is stingy aobut putting coal on the fire. At this point in the novel Scrooge is anything but a nice, caring, or giving man.
             Throughout the novel Scrooge is visited by three ghosts which serve to show Scrooge the error of his way in his treating people. He is given the opportunity to view his life as an observer rather than an active participant. Human nature provides us with the ability to judge others with more stringency than ourselves. This situation, coupled with the foil characters of Tiny Tim and Fred guide Scrooge to change his life. The second ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Present has come to Scrooge to show him how his hostility toward others affects the way people live. The majority of the trip takes place at the home of Bob Cratchit and family. Here, Scrooge sees Tiny Tim’s hope and togetherness of the family. A scene vital to the story, creates a great impact on Scrooge’s epiphany. Tiny Tim is a symbol of hope in this story even though he has to use a crutch to walk and he is very small. Tim appears to be a weak ...

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