Archetypes in Arthurian Legends

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Types of Archetypes in the Arthurian Legends The legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is known throughout the entire world, and its story has been told and retold again and again. However, even though the story has been recounted many times, it has always maintained certain aspects, or archetypes, of the story that are vital to correctly portraying the true meaning of the stories. The hunting group of companions, the quest, or the use of a magical weapon are three examples that are in every retelling because they’re important to the meaning. Whether in the movie Excalibur directed by John Boorman, or in the various short stories found in our literature book, these three archetypes help shape the plot of the stories. The Knights of the Round Table represent all that is good in the kingdom and in every retelling of the legend, the table is always included. In the movie Excalibur, the archetype of the hunting group of companions is represented by the Knights of the Round Table. In the movie, the knights always eat together in the same table, and always stay together as if they were one big family. This shows that the knights in the movie share a Continue...

Also, all the Knights of the Round Table go in search of the Holy Grail and in the end all but one of the knights die. This type of archetype is common in many movies or shows, such as in the cartoon X-Men where a team of heroes help one another and are willing to risk their lives to save one another. In conclusion, in the Arthurian legends are three main archetypes that are used, the hunting group of companions, the quest, and the magical weapon, that are imperative in portraying a message to the reader. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliographynone. This archetype is imperative to the meaning because it represents the good in King Arthur. This is a typical archetype used to describe the relationship between the user and the weapon and how they are s!ymbiotic in nature. In the movie Excalibur, the weapon could only be used for good, and if it were to be used in greed, hate, or jealousy, the sword would break. This archetype is important to the story because it shapes the whole role of the future kings and how the knights should act. sense of brotherhood and comradeship that link all of the knights together. These archetypes help trigger emotional onsets that emphasize a stories meaning whether in a movie, short story, or a spoken legend. The knights eat together at the table, fight together in the king's name, and are willing to die for each other. This quest symbolizes the search for purity in men, and the journey of becoming one with god. This archetype plays an important role in the movie because it's essential in showing the meaning that only when one is true with himself, can he find happiness and pe!ace at mind. Another example of an archetype of a quest found in the movie Excalibur is the search for the Holy Grail. This type of quest is an archetype because it is found in many other stories such as the Lion King.