Mass Media and its Influences on Children Today

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Mass Media And Its Influences On Children Today Parents all around the country are faced with children in distress almost every night all year round. Often their children are shaking and weeping, they have nightmares and climb into their parent’s bed refusing to sleep alone. At this point parents wonder whether their child is reacting to the bully who threatened him/her at school. Most likely this is not the case; since this is a pure product of the children’s imagination or perhaps the reenactment of something they have seen on TV. In the case of the Columbine High School incident it was a fatal combination of mafia movies versus real people whose lives were obscurely taken away. When Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (the two teenage boys involved in the shooting) ended their lives, their suicide carried the explicit message that in the end they retained power over themselves. Their shooting rampage was an act of retaliatory violence. They saw themselves, more or less correctly, as victims of prejudice-motivated violence. They were stereotyped and discriminated against, verbally and physically assaulted on a regular basis. They lacked the resources to cope with their situation and perceived the school system, the teachers Continue...

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The result is that only a small segment of existing explanations are framed. Case in point, it was technology that gave these events in Littleton, Colorado national fame. According to a study conducted by the National Institute on Media and the Family in the Fall 1996 an overwhelming 88 of parents believed that mass media has an enveloping influence on their children. In conclusion, over the last 40 years, a wealth of evidence that has accumulated shows a cause and effect relationship between violence on television and youth violence. Although no one of the studies performed is definitive, taken as a whole, they all show a consistent pattern: no one can doubt that school violence (seen through the distorted eyed of the mass media) is endemic among the children of our society. Zengotita then writes, "He thought a lot of other kids like him would kind of idolize the Trench-Coat mafia. The singular focus on an event by highly skilled producers and news people is transformative. Thus, careful and deliberative analysis of complex issues is also not permitted; hence, most of the stories told are somewhat deformed. As Thomas De Zengotita writes in his essay one of the boys that participated in the shooting appeared one morning in a local television show. and satellite transmission which provides us with 40, 50, even 150 options (channels) or more at a time. and parents as part of their oppression. Long time after radio and television were introduced which their purpose was similar to the one carried by the newspaper. He was a normal but geeky looking guy who had been bullied all his life and had taken away fifteen innocent lives to get his revenge.


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