A New Society

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When creating a society, the creators tried to make it the most idealistic as possible. But how do these creators know what is idealistic? The founders of new society brought their traditional customs that they believed fulfill their morals and principles. They left behind all the “bad” aspects in their old society. In the three documents, John Winthrop’s sermon, Anne Hutchinson’s trial, and Morgan’s essay, described characteristics of the founders and how the new society should be. Winthrop, Hutchinson, and Morgan portrayed life should surround God. Every document mentioned God and how people should try to live their life ideally according to God’s standards. Continue...

Therefore, they placed matters in their own hands to create a new world where their life will be based on God. Winthrop wrote it as "an attempt to build a 'City upon a Hill'...organized...according to biblical precept and supported by the covenant God (107). However, they acknowledged that sex is "founded in Man's nature (Morgan 3). The three documents portrayed how the Puritans wanted their world to be. The founders of New England left their traditional life in England to start a new one in a strange land based on strong religious disagreements with the king and parliament of their home country. Basically, the founders of the new society based their whole life around the religious purpose of God. For instance, they did not allow sexual intercourse outside of marriage. The slaves who were barely given permission to marry from their masters had a difficult time maintaining their sexual tension. They tried to bestow their personal characteristics into their new society. Work towards God's spirit, and 3. Since it was a new land, they were quite lenient on the punishments, as long it did not interfere with their religion. Some would meet in the females' room in the middle of the night; or more scandalous, they met in public places like the field or their masters' living room. They still had their strong religious beliefs but they gained much understanding. Since they had such a strong belief in God, they created all their principles and laws based on religion and God's law.