prayer an meditation

             Prayer and meditation have always formed the core of the mystical life, but they have all too often been left in the realm of the "vowed" adherents, the monks, the priests, and such, other than for that occasional gathering in church or other event. Meditation and prayer are probably humanity's most recognizable inner practices for making contact with the spiritual domain. Forms of these can be found in almost every religion, both East and West and many people believe that meditation is the same as praying.
             There are several methods of Meditation. Some are based on breathing techniques; others on using a "mantra" or sacred word or text while others are based on the use of the body and concentration on body movement. Then just get comfortable with your back straight. This could be sitting on the floor on a pillow or in a chair. Just get comfortable. Don't fight the process. If you find yourself thinking, then gently start again. My idea of it is to exist completely in the moment. Do not think of what has happened or what is to come. Do not let past experience influence your thinking, in other words, see things only for what they are, without distorting them with your mind.
             I break meditation & prayer into 2 categories. Prayer, using the Lord's Prayer as an example, follows a process in which one talks to God (praise, petition, forgiveness). Prayer is used as a means of communicating with the personal god of western religions. Praying can be viewed as the asking of a favor from God, a personal conversation of giving thanks, giving worship. Those who pray are seeking to know God better, by placing the central focus of prayer on him. Christian do practice a form of meditation. In this method, after relaxing, you read a Scripture in which Jesus speaks, then envision that you are there. Imagining the sun on your face, smell the salt air, the sand under your feet. Envision that Jesus looks directly into your eyes, as you stand among the c...

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