Fair Vs. Equal

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Equal V. Fair The United States of America was built on the foundation of equal opportunity and freedom. Throughout history, the ideals surrounding education and equality have been challenged. Brown V. Board of Education has served as a landmark for equal opportunity, in which the federal courts affirmed that segregation within public education was illegal. Following the same principles of Brown V. Board of Education, the segregation of disabled students from mainstream classrooms has also been challenged. Under the Individual with Disabilities Act of 1997 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the federal courts have stated that students with disabilities are guaranteed a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Does appropriate mean equal? This midterm essay will react on the statement “fair does not necessarily mean equal, fair means appropriate,” and will determine the pros and cons of this statement. The Constitution of the United States requires that all children be given an equal public education regardless of their race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, or socio-economic status. In the film, “Separate But Equal,” the basic question of whe Continue...

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The non-disabled child will always have an advantage over the disabled child. Segregation deprived African-American students of equal protection of the law under the 14 Amendment, and therefore segregated public schools could not be considered equal. The statement that 8220;fair does not necessarily mean equal; fair means appropriate,8221; is very accurate in terms of special education. The pro of the statement that 8220;fair means appropriate8221; is that children with disadvantages are never going to receive a fair opportunity unless there are appropriate accommodations to ensure that they can succeed. With a fair or appropriate education, disabled students are required to be placed in the least restrictive environment. Any situation in which accommodations are not made for the disadvantaged child will always be unfair, as well as unequal ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. 8221; In other words, if we as educators provide disabled children with fair accommodations, we are creating an illusion that the world is going to accommodate them as well. According to the article The Myth of Fairness, the con to this statement is that fairness is only a concept that sets children up for disappointments later in life. Board of Education, which challenged the separate but equal clause in public education. ther segregated facilities could ever be equal was challenged. Children of all races were to be given an equal educational opportunity with equal facilities. One of the most important cases in the history of education is the Brown V. The author describes fairness as a way sugar coating the harshness of an unjust world. This alone can give a child a sense of belonging, as well as raise the child8217;s self-esteem.


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