Symbolism in Othello

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Symbolism in Othello What do you think of when you hear the word “tragedy?” Tragedy is usually associated with suffering, pain, death or disaster. In the drama play Othello; written by William Shakespeare, you are able to understand the definition of tragedy. Othello offers a great variety of commentary of a variety of themes, such as trust, honor, racism and reputation. The play is located in Venice and Cyprus during the Renaissance. Othello is based on a Moorish general that is deceived by his ensign into believing his wife is unfaithful to him. Othello also contains a villain character named Iago and Shakespeare adds supporting characters like Roderigo and the unhappy Brabantio to compress the time frame and set it against the backdrop of military conflict. And of course, he turned the ensign, a minor villain, into the artist of evil whom we know as Iago. Shakespeare ‘s choice of a black man was strikingly original. Othello is called a Moor, which can suggest Arabic descent, but the language of the play insists that he is a black African. Blackness in Elizabe Continue...

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Iago also goes onto say that, " I know not if't be true But I, for mere suspicion in that kind Will do as if for surety. He makes this people look horrible throughout the play, but we find out that they did not do such a thing at the end of the play. Iago seems to deprive the reputation of the good characters into a bad person. Iago did not like Othello because of the respect you earned from everyone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. He was also looked upon greatly and people found this not to be fair because he was not a descendent of Venice. I found these to be some major issues discussed in this play. For instance, he says, and it is thought abroad that t'winty my sheets He's done my office. Not only does he spread rumors about Othello, he uses Desdemona and Cassio. Also Iago makes a plan to take over lieutenant, using the naivety of Desdemona. For example, the Moors in theater were usually stereotyped as villains. Othello was in the commanding army of Venice and was represented as a general. Somehow throughout the play it seems as if everyone's reputation has changed. Iago makes up lies about Desdemona to insure Othello that she was not faithful to him. Throughout the play, Iago fools everyone in the beginning, but little does he know they find out the truth.


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