Greek influence on the Romans

             The culture in Rome is vaguely familiar to that of the Greek cultures, the Greeks have made a great impact
             on the Roman culture. There were great influences from Alexander the Great in the Hellenistic age, as he became
             one of the greatest leaders known to man. There have been countless numbers of similarities in their religions,
             however the religions did end up changing, and the Romans made improvements to the way they viewed life in a religious form. The Roman social structures and politics are somewhat influenced on the Greek cultures, as the influence of Alexander the Great really comes into play. Intellectual achievements from both the Greeks and Romans were very useful even to our day in age; the Romans did learn a lot from the Greeks to help them improve structures. The Romans however did not copy the Greek culture they just followed what they did and improved upon it to make theirs better and more useful to everyday life.
             The religious views of the Romans may not of been entirely like that of the Greeks, but they did get their gods names from the Greeks. The Romans unlike the Greeks viewed their gods as all mighty figures, not as just a mirror image to that of man with immortality and superhuman strengths. The Greeks view of the afterlife was much more vulgar than the Romans. The Greeks afterlife, or underworld, was flavorless and unhappy, if you were dead you were dead and the only way to have happiness is to be an immortal. Some Romans viewed a modified Greek afterlife, but after the spread of Christianity in Rome they started to view it as heaven or hell, they believed that the soul was immortal and that anyone could make it to the peaceful afterlife. The spread of Christianity attracted the poor, more so than any other social class. Greeks throughout their rise and fall were always had polytheistic views, the Romans started out that way but then found Christianity. The Romans while polytheistic adapted the Greek g...

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