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Drivers Drivers come in many different types, and each has their own characteristics. When driving on the road, one can experience several different kinds of drivers which can be divided into three major categories: bad drivers, good drivers and ugly drivers. Most drivers want to reach their destination as fast as they can. However, not all drivers get there the same way. How they get there depends on which category they fall into. First of all, the bad drivers can be described as the morning mad-honker. These drivers are only experienced in a busy town in the morning. They are characterized by hollering, blowing of the horn, and anger. It is believed that their anger is derived from their procrastination in the morning as they prepare for work. Because they typically run late, they tend to speed and often cut off other drivers in the mornings. They can be observed swerving in and out of lanes in order to get back the time they wasted. In bumper to bumper traffic, they often honk and yell, as if these nois Continue...

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    Drivers. Drivers Drivers come in many different types, and each has their own characteristics. .... Most drivers want to reach their destination as fast as they can. .... (686 3 )

    Drivers. Drivers: Competent .... cause wrecks. First, there are competent drivers who drive safely by not speeding and obey the common driving laws. .... (300 1 )

    Senior Drivers
    Senior Drivers. Driving is a privilege .... t mix. Elderly drivers are slow, unconfident, confused, and often make poor decisions. Its hard .... (730 3 )

    Hazardous Drivers
    Hazardous Drivers. When we get into our cars to drive, we don't stop to think what kinds of other drivers we'll share the road with. .... (1826 7 )

    Teenage Drivers
    Teenage Drivers. Majority of people in society tend to stereotype teenage drivers by labelling them as dangerous and the leading cause to accidents on the road. .... (612 2 )

Secondly, in contrast to bad drivers are good drivers, who make up the majority ofdrivers. These drivers can be seen in all places. Most importantly, good drivers respect the traffic laws andtheir fellow drivers. These drivers are probably in the minority. When passing an accident, they always twist and turn their necks around so that they can clearly see what happened. In conclusion, there are several different types of drivers on the road. Even though he has driven for many years, he has neverbeen in an accident or received a ticket. es will make the vehicles in front of them move faster. The gangster driver has the seats tilted all the way back and the steering wheel all the way up, so they can hardly see the road. People are not acceptingof these kind of drivers because they believe that these bad drivers could cause apossible car accident. Ugly drivers drive faster than the speed limit with their car stereo blaring loud music and they are often yelling obscenities. They are identified mostly by their vehicles and the way they sit in their vehicles. The third type of drivers is known as ugly drivers, which are the worst drivers onthe road. In the 1980's, these drivers, who have also been called gangster drivers, became popular and have remained until today. ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography.


Problem of Drowsy Drivers
Problem of Drowsy Drivers. One in five drivers admitted to having nodded off while driving at least once in the past year in an Ottawa survey. (700 3 )

Licensing Older Drivers Traffic accidents are as
Licensing Older Drivers Traffic accidents are as. Licensing Older Drivers Traffic accidents are a serious public health issue. In (1503 6 )

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. A definition of the acronym MADD reveals that the letters stand for "Mothers Against Drunk Drivers," rather than drunk driving. (1178 5 )

Pornography. Drunk Drivers. Dehumanization of Work
Pornography. Drunk Drivers. Dehumanization of Work. He would likely agree that random stops to test for drunk drivers are acceptable. (4742 19 )

Teen Traffic Fatalities
In the most recent five-year period for which records are available, teen drivers caused the deaths of nearly 35,000 people (Stafford). (592 2 )

Total quality management & Japanese Industry
UPS was surprised with the consensus that its customers wanted more interaction with the company's drivers: "If drivers were less harried and more willing to (3684 15 )