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Roosevelt was a man of both individual physical fitness and collective national strength. Roosevelt extended his beliefs about strenuous struggle from individuals to nations. His ideal was a nation of men and not weaklings. This man felt as though every man must be guaranteed his liberty and his right to do, as he likes with his property or his labor so long as he does not infringe the rights of others. No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do you ask any man’s permission when he require him to obey it. It seems to me that obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor. In this policy he stated that in treating of our foreign policy and of the attitude that the Great nation should assume in the world at large, it is absolutely necessary to consider the Army and the Navy, and the Congress, through which the thought of the nation fi Continue...

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The goal to set before us a nation, the goal which should be set before all mankind, is the attainment of the peace of justice, of the of the peace which comes when each nation is not merely safe guarded in it's own rights. For example, meaning that they would achieve citizenship and constitutional rights only when Congress said the were ready. The steady aim of this nation, should be to strive to bring ever nearer the day when there shall prevail throughout the world justice and peace. nds its expression, should keep ever vividly in mind the fundamental fact that it is impossible to treat our f!oreign policy, whether this policy takes shape in the effort to secure justice for others or for ourselves. American policy intended to make Cuba a model of how a newly independent nation could achieve orderly self-government with only minimal guidance. There was problem that of Panama and trying to get Panama to negotiate but it was a province of Colombia. The Colombian government was unimpressed with the share of a settlement the Americans would provide in buying up the New Panama Canal Company's forty million in assets. However, a bloodless revolution occurred, Panama declared its independence, and the United States recognized the new government. Roosevelt felt that a war between two civilized nations was wasteful and foolish. Roosevelt did not formally encourage the revolution, it would not have occurred without American money and support. When threats of force failed to accomplish his goals, Roosevelt used direct personal intervention. Roosevelt's goal was to achieve peace and leave a balanced situation and his efforts in ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. Roosevelt made foreign policy while horseback riding with the German ambassador and while discussing history with the ambassador of France. At Cuba's request Roosevelt sent warships to patrol the coastline and special commissioners and troops to restore order and peace along with public confidence. Roosevelt was very angry about this decision and felt that he was being held up like a highway robber.


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