The French Lieutenants Woman Analysis

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The French Lieutenant’s Woman There are many different parallels in the film The French Lieutenant’s Woman. Modern vs. the Victorian Age, how society behaved and what they accepted in both ages, and the obvious parallel between the actors and what is going on in their lives outside of work. We are placed on a film set watching Meryl Streep as Anne playing a scene as the character Sarah Woodrof. Similarly, Jeremy Irons plays Charles, as well as, the modern Mike. Both ages show us love affairs between the actors, both affairs outcomes dependant on their society. I chose to take a deeper look into the “lives” of Jeremy Irons within this film and the different aspects of his roles. The film starts with Charles offering to marry the rich, socially acceptable Ernestina. While on a walk together he notices the melancholic woman Sarah waiting on the dangerous pier for her long gone love. At this time in society, men were in control and sexism was prevalent against women. Social status was very important and could only be achieved through wealth and by following the rules of society. Sarah had been moving from town to town in search of some acceptance, but everywhere she was treated the same, as a “whore.” Her l Continue...

I loved this film because it was really intriguing and kept me constantly trying tofigure out the plot, where it was going to go. As the pressure on Charles grows, wecan feel the tension and growing anger of Mike. At the same time, Mike and Anna are both actors in love with each other,pursuing a very passionate affair. I also thought it was really unique that therewas two endings. We, as viewers, know what is right yet, we want so bad for the affairs to continue and thepeople to be in love forever. She narrates her story to theone person she feels she can talk to. I lookforward to reading the book this summer. As you can see, both the lives parallel each other in a lot of respects. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. The characters have somedifferences I found most prevalent in the end of the film. This is the part of the film where we cansee the differences in the two characters. Sarah hassurvived only because she changed to fit that environment the best she could every timeshe moved. She believes that Charles can take her away from her life, give herhope. Mike, however, doesn't want to disrupt his familybut wants to keep the affair with Anne going. When he finds her, hegets his questions answered and they go off together.