THe Hobbit

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The Hobbit Or There And Back Again The Hobbit tells the story of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Hobbits are very similar to the human, but they are half the size and have large feet with thick skin, like leather. Hobbit also like comfortable, worm, good food and a good hospitality. In The Hobbit Bilbo gets involved in a great adventure, an adventure that is greater the any other hobbit life. Bilbo is hired by a party of dwarfs to be their “Burglar”. The dwarfs are going to the Lonely Mountain. In that Mountain sets the evil dragon Smaug, years ago he had invaded the mountain, stole the dwarfs family treasure and stayed to live there. Bilbo gets involved in such an adventure, which not suiting the life of a hobbit, with the “recommendation” of the great wizard Gandalf. On their journey the party gets in to Continue...

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In their journey they pass the Misty Mountain and because a heavy rain they seek shelter in a large cave in the side of the mountain. Bilbo returns home in the Shire and carry on his peaceful life, like and other hobbit. They get out of them with the help of friends in their way, like Elrond, that tells them about the secret way to enter the mountain, Beron and more, but mostly by Gandalf and also by a magic ring. At the city the dragon was slain by the captain of the archers, he was told about Smaug"tms weak spot. Bilbo reunited with the dwarfs again and they carry on east to the mountain. In the mountain Bilbo started his part in the journey, he enters the cave wearing the ring, which allows him to be invisible to the eye of the dragon. The group is captures by the goblins and dragged into the inner caves. He gets out to destroy the city that sets at the foot of the mountain, Lake Town. In his try to get out he meets Gollum, a slim creature and he gets a magic ring that make it owner invisible, by a game of riddles. Tolkien later on wrote a continues to the story of the ring Bilbo found- "The Lord of The Ring"tm ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. Bilbo also discovers a weak spot in Smaug"tms armor. A big war started and it was call "The Battle of the five armies"tm - Humans, Elves and Dwarfs against Goblins and Wargs (wolves). But because dragon has a great smell sense, Smaug knows about the invasion to his lair and he gets mad about it.