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Different Country Different Culture The best way for anybody to become educated about the world around him is to experience the world first hand; to see the different cultures and lifestyles up and close. This allows the person to step out of their box; out of their shelter that they know and have learned to be what life is and see a completely different world that might show them how different life can be and how different cultures value different things that might have a big impact on that persons life. A person is going to become more educated in the fact that they will have been exposed to different ideas and has learned to see the world though different eyes. They can asses a situation differently with the knowledge that it can be done differently. It can also change the types of decisions that they make, due to what they have learned while in a different country. In cases where people are trying to learn a second language the best thing to do, is to visit the country who’s language they are studying and stay there for a month or so. This is the best way to learn a new language because they are exposed to this language all day everyday for the next part of their life. People have to adapt hence they learn the language Continue...

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They have a deeper knowledge of why certain this are said a certain way and they pick up the informal way of speaking the language, which is not taught in a classroom or in any textbooks. It's the first hand experience that helps people learn something knew. They only get a small bit of what the culture is all about. Other things that they don't get to learn from a textbook are the happenings of everyday. If someone wishing to learn about Venezuelan tradition and showed up for El Amanecer Gaitero, they get a first hand account of what this tradition really is, after a certain baseball game all the people in the stadium get together and have a concert that lasts all night long, accompanied by alcoholic beverages, this make a first hand experience that can only be given justice by actually attending it. In Venezuela women are considered very low in class if they would let something like that out. In Venezuela things are very different, there everybody has to fend for themselves, the police force is crooked and easily paid off, crime is everywhere on the street, even at noon in front of a bank and a bus stop, in front of a busy intersection. so they can communicate with the people there and they can get what they want to get. The only true way to really learn and be educated about a certain culture is to actually go there and experience all the things that country has got to offer such as the smell, the noises, the real atmosphere the place has, the certain society rules and the cultures real values, the unspoken rules that will never be written down on paper or shown on TV. They learn the language as it is spoken and not the way that it is taught in a classroom. Until people are presented with the truth and the reality of what is going on they are not going to learn the truth. The values are going to change from culture to culture, for example the way that women behave here in America is very different to how behave in Venezuela, which would change in the Arab nations. Textbooks don't show this, all people are going to read is that crime is high. People are going to learn faster that their friend just got mugged on the street and that the guy took everything than a textbook saying crime is high.


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