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Adiyba Abdul-Baqi Dr. Menexas Due: 5-14-01 Literacy & Propaganda How does the media portray women today? The “Ideal Body” Some studies have suggested that the media's portrayal of the "ideal body" for women has had a big impact on the increase in women's body dissatisfaction. Research also proposes that this media exposure is linked to the increasing occurrence of eating disorders and body image disturbances. We do know that the media and other psychology solely cause eating disorders. Emotional, and developmental factors play a big role. It does not appear necessary, however, to investigate the effect the media has on women and eating disorders. Past research has emphasized the way media images affect people’s abilities to accurately estimate their own body size. The conclusions have been that eating disorder patients and women showing high body dissatisfaction tend to overestimate their body size after viewing thin female models. These findings show that certain women are affected by exposure to the media's ideal women, but it has not explained why only some women are affected. A recent Australian study attempted to determine which women are affected by investigating how women feel about their ow Continue...

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However, they have not endured the pressures of society's "body image. The most common portrayal of women was actually the complete absence of women at all. In one other example, Road Rash (1992), there is a female police officer. The games Tetris (1985), Sonic and Knuckles (1994), The Lion King (1994), Ecco The Dolphin (1994), and Mickey Mania (1994) TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE I OMITTED have no human characters at all but several games did have human characters, but no female characters. There is no such thing as perfect figure or size. In ten of the videos that have characters, there were no women. In other instances, the female victim was presented as a friend of the hero or as a woman being "victimized by a gang of undesirable brutes". Finally, in many instances the females depicted in the games were in fairly non-significant roles, which also effectively demonstrates the value of males and females in society. Both groups had inaccurate predictions about the heavier celebrities, judging them as heavier than actuality. Participants were separated into low-body-shape-concern and high-body-shape-concern groups. Mario, 1990; Ren and Stimpy, 1993; Mega Man 3, 1990; Blades of Steel, 1985; PGA Golf Tour III, 1994; NHL 95, 1994; NFL Quarterback Club, 1994; NFL 95, 1994; and Mutant League Hockey, 1994). Men have less pressure as far as body image unless they want to emulate to be a body builder, fitness instructor, or engaging in some type of athletic sport. Ninety-six female undergraduate psychology students from the University of Sydney participated in this study.


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