Drunk Driving Laws

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Drunk Driving Laws Drunk Driving Laws Drinking alcohol before driving is a dangerous risk, unfortunately taken by many people. Alcohol greatly decreases the driver's ability to see clearly, it distorts distances and speed, it slows reflexes and reaction time, and it makes the driver less alert and, in general, of poorer judgement. In order to deal with all the incidents of drunk driving, New York State has established a num Continue...

The driver's Bac depends on three things: 1) how much alcohol you drink, 2) how much time passes between drinks and, 3) your weight. Your "drunkenness" is determined by the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). ber of laws and penalties against driving intoxicated. Jail Term Liscense Status DWI 300-500 1 year Revoked 6 mo. 09 and DWI is charged when your BAC is . Your BAC is usually determined by a test known as the breathalyzer. Consequences Violation Fine Max. There are two types of violations associated with drunk driving, DWI (driving while intoxicated) and the lesser known DWAI (driving while ability impaired). Injury: Death 7000 and 7 years ( if convicted of vehicular manslaughter) 2 DWI w injury permanent revocation Law suits and legal fees . You are charged with DWAI if your BAC is . DWAI 250-350 15 days Suspended 90 days 2nd 5 yrs. Most people are arrested for DWI, on average, with a BAC of .