Terminator 2 vs the Matrix

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The movies Terminator 2 and The Matrix both present separate views of a scientific reality. The idea that in the future our lives could be controlled by machines and not vice versa is readily embraced by both movies, which communicate this idea in different ways. The movie Terminator 2 embraces typical sci-fi topics such as time travel and robotics whilst The Matrix derives its meanings through concepts such as virtual reality. Through these separate entities, the viewer is able to open his or her mind to possibilities that were previously ‘unsung’ before witnessing these movies. In our society, the importance lies in the present and not the future. These films attempt to bridge the gap between the separate ‘realms’ of time and bring the future to the viewer. While both movies muster different meanings, both deal with a single issue, being the uncertainty of the future. The uncertainty of the future is a thought, which crosses the minds of most people during a lifetime. The directors of The Matrix and Terminator 2 both depict their values and attitudes on the subject through the plots of the film. It can be stated that James Cameron, director of Terminator 2, has a different vision of the future than the directors of The Continue...

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Society has stereotypically cast aside violence and death, yet both of these films depict it as the way in which to solve problems. This intertextually relates to the machines in The Matrix known as "Squiddies"tm, thus further conveying the issue because of the fact that it is seen in more than one place. The fact that both films intertextually relate to one another further builds upon the issue of the uncertainty of the future. Although we have come to accept violence as a part of our heritage and cultural identity, we still see it as a negative aspect of our society. Another theme that Terminator 2 carries is the theme of "the strength of an individual. This is intertextually related to the movie Terminator 2 in the light that the Terminators use violence where as the humans typically avoid danger. Particularly in the movie Terminator 2, the viewer is subject to the theme of "machines becoming dominant over humans. In The Matrix, this is quite the opposite. This brings us back to the issue at hand, the uncertainty of the future. Through specific usage of themes and conventions, the directors of The Matrix and Terminator 2 are able to communicate their differing opinions of the future and the values of the human race. Due to the complexly different plot lines and stories, it can be said that different people have different beliefs and as such, different expectations. The individual is almost always destroyed with the exception of Neo. For instance, Arnold schwarzenegger is continually portrayed as the hero and saviour because of his individuality and initiative. However Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes "It"tms in your nature to destroy yourselves", a very true aspect of the human race when you look at the history of war and the world in general.


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