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Over this page, I will be discussing my argument on halting advances in technology, and another for continuing the advancement in technology. A good argument to halt human advancement in technology is that if we continue creating technologies and researching sciences to re-create living matter (cloning), people will not want to die, and will clone themselves, and if they do that, combined with the new off-spring of other human beings, the world will become hugely overpopulated, than it is even now, and the world will not be able to accommodate the basic needs of everyone. The only way to counteract this overpopulation, would either be restricting the amount of off-spring each country is allowed to produce, stop advancement in medicine, or make genocide legal, of course these kind of sacrilegious acts are against what many people believe in, even if it is only administrated to clones. Therefore there will be arguments, that blossom into fights, then wars, even a world war, all over what people’s ideation is right or wrong. If these feuds DO blo Continue...

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ssom into world wars, then it is highly likely that we will use nuclear weapons, or some other weapon of mass destruction that we have not invented yet, and wipe human kind, including clones and "real people, into extinction. We may create technologies un-think ably useful now, but in the future, it may be commonplace in every human being's lives. The only way to accomplish this feat is to continue researching technologies related to space flight, astronomy, compact living, etc, and we cannot do this, if we stop researching technology. Other technologies that we create later on in the human race's future may also be very useful for our survival andor daily life, for example, if we ever discover means of teleportation, we will be able to transport ourselves over great distances, in a matter of micro seconds, we may even be able to transport ourselves between planets at the speed of light. Other technologies we create may also be catastrophic to the human race, for example, "Artificial Intelligence may wipe "real humans out of existence by declaring war over some un-foreseen circumstance. We cannot survive, any way we look at it, if we do not continue discovering new and better technologies, if we stop now, the human race will become extinct, it is that simple. Both of the above arguments are very relevant, one day the world will become very over populated, either because of cloning technologies, or because of major advances in medicine and other healing practices not yet thought of, wars will be fought over genocide, and other related topics. A good argument for continuing discoveries in technology, is the fact the sun will implode within the next 2 billion years, we must create technologies that can transport the entire human race off of the Earth onto a new world to re-colonise, before the human race becomes extinct because of the Earth becoming enveloped within the Sun's shock wave. On the other hand, The Sun WILL implode within 2 billion years, wether we like it or not, and unless we want our human race to become extinct, we must research ways to transport ourselves between planets and colonise them. This technology can also prove useful, if a comet, or meteor collides with the Earth, and wipes out our atmosphere, we need to colonise another planet to continue living. There are in-finite possibilities for technology advancements that the human race can endeavour to discover the secrets of, but not all of these possibilities may be of the best interest to our daily life, in-fact could be the exact opposite. "Fission may have some sort of environmental side effect, un-foreseen, just as radio-activity from Nuclear Power plants, and atom bombs was unforseen when they were developed. In my view, cloning is really a technology that human kind can live without, but space travel and colonization is a necessity that needs to be explored and researched. This cannot be escaped, due to man's great fear of death.


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