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Management The experience during the (name of course) at (name of College) has given me a broader view on managment. With the vast amount of material given to me in class with prior modules, I¹ve increased my understanding of an effective management. One¹s skill in management requires constant practice. Mangers who grow too complacement or too lazy to continue practicing will eventually find their carrer in decay. In this paper, I will present my concept of an ideal managment environment. Good management is practiced in many forms and in a great diversity of business situations. There are basic principles of how to manage, but they would be applied differently in different situations. In an effective organization led by good managers, there is a clear set of strategic objectives I consider skill essential in an effective management: € Communication € Motivation € Listening € Teamwork € Interpersonal Skill € Goals After I explain the six essential skills in an effective management, I will state my own style/preferences in management and explain how I¹ll try to incorporate them into my effective management views. There are many more concepts I have learned about effective Continue...

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Without specific goals its far too easy just to drift. management but I will focus on what areas I believe can relate to my needs in my organization. Mangers need to be able to give recognition, praise, and rewards at the right time. People may work for money but go the extra mile when treated right. Deadline and follow up doesnt seems to be imortant. Of course, it is okay to change the goals as they may develop and change. It takes a cooperative group of individuals and a talent leader. Most people wants to be more successful and I am one of them. You learn things that way, and people respond to those who listen to them. Like a good coach leading a team to championship, managers with good interpersonal skill can lead the organization to success. When I have the opportunity, I will be managing larger groups. People respond to people who are available and sincrely interested in them. If the person who made the mistake already knows how it happened, why it happened, and what needs to be done so it wont happen again, then nothing at all should be said. However, effective communication seems to be rare in adults. It should be done face to face and in private.


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