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The youth of Brave New World draw a startling conclusion when compared to that of today’s; However the programming used was much more direct then the techniques used in present day society. At a very young age, the children of Brave New World are taught to not only accept and embrace death but eventually become indifferent towards it. They have “death conditioning” where they are rewarded, with chocolate or various other treats, for watching people die. While certainly nothing of this sort happens in today's culture, the effects seen on the youth are still the same. Currently, the young minds of the world are compounded with scenes of violence, that will eventually numb them to the savage images of human trage Continue...

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By showing violent images constantly, the children become distant to it; Indeed, the concept is foreign. A perfect example are the attacks on the World Trade Center. Consequently, everyone is shared with everyone else. These are in fact the people who are criticized and ridiculed the most, but are also the ones who are also recognized. It seems twisted, but to them, it is simply reality. In Brave New World, the children are programmed to believe that no one belongs to anyone else. "Every one works for every one else ... (136) The biggest lesson, however, is the teaching that no person is different from any other. They teach to stay in the crowd, but without taking chances, without stating opinions, without getting out of the crowd, a person will never experience the moment, and that's all life is, a series of moments. The entertainment industry has raised the public's shock value to an unprecedented level. By spending time alone, a young man obtains the title of a "loner or a "freak among his peers. While the individual is certainly understood here in today's society, it is far from accepted. Using them for nothing more then consumers, then a number.


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