Child support

             How many women do you know pay child support? I’ll tell you, probably a few but not many. The rest are off spending the hard earned money of some poor guy who works two jobs just to be broke. Yeah two jobs, and in some cases three; why because some cold hearted Circuit Court Judge ordered him to pay an outrageous amount of money for his child. I personally believe both men and women should be court ordered to pay child support.
             Kentucky Child Support guidelines states that child support will be based upon gross income. Gross income can be from any source, to include SSI benefits and welfare payments. And by the way just because the father is not employed, they impute income based upon what it would be if he was working. Also in some cases it helps if the father pays alimony or pays child support for other children; the support or alimony he pays is deducted from the overall calculation.
             We as men are the victims of Child support agencies and federal legislation. Yeah child support sounds good doesn’t it? The court orders the father to pay a certain amount based on state guidelines that they believe should be spent on the child. It’s nice to see the Government is so concerned about the children; it took a damn bureaucrat to tell us how much to spend on our children. If my memory serves me correctly it takes two to make a child, but yet these government bureaucrats feel they must do something about all these deadbeat daddies running around. Well ladies and gentlemen there our some deadbeat fathers out there, but on the other hand there are some vindictive and down right dishonest women out here. They’ll quit there jobs just get more child support out of the father, never mind if he can afford it. Bureaucrats have tainted women into believing it takes a certain amount of money to provide for a child.
             Does anyone remember the Women’s Rights Movement? Of course you do in 1848 Seneca Falls, New York sixty-two women and

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