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Killer Submarine

Killer Submarine Submarine Secrets in the Cold War is about sleek, black killing machines called submarines. For forty years submarines lived in the lines of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. There are always secrets and questions to what really took place. The U.S. had pushed technology as had as they could. The U.S. had created the ultimate submarine called the “killer shark”. This submarine was equipped with a computerized system, five control sub missiles and sonar range. The “killer shark” can dive deeper and more silently than ever before, it was considered the most advanced submarine. But something tragic had suddenly happened. Then, five years later it happened again but this time with a submarine called the Scorpion. No one likes to talk about it. Secrets were kept for twenty- five years. Under water microphones were also created and used by the U.S Navy. This was a device to detect multiple code- books, missiles, and torpedoes 17,000 feet below. They then used what was called Glomar Explorer, a ship used to lift old submarines off the oceans floor. This ship had a claw attached that weighed 15 million pounds and was the size of a football field. The device called the Deep Submergents rescue vehicles (DSRV’S) was built to be buried on the Russians territory and detecting over 1200 miles. Recently, there was a collision between the USS Greeneville and a Japanese fishing trawler. This accident leaves 9 civilians dead. Submarines are weapons of all weapons of the Cold War and they still patrol the oceans world today. ...

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