Tell Tale Heart

             Edgar Allan Poe’s, The Tell-Tale Heart, is an amazing story about how a man’s own guilt and conscience can drive him crazy. The boy in this story is very disturbed about his old man’s evil eye. The boy just couldn’t stand looking at this “vulture eye.” He had finally come up with a plan to rid his life of the evil eye, but in doing so, the old man would have to die too. He had no problems with the old man and this was the only thing that troubled him. He really didn’t want to kill the old man, but he felt it was worth it to never see that eye again. When he finally goes through with the plan, he is ruined when the officers come and his own guilt drives him to confess the murder.
             In no way do I see this boy as a madman. Like he stated in the story, “Madmen know nothing.” He had created a whole plan that covered every possible subject. He seemed to have this planned out for weeks; he just couldn’t go through with the murder. Until that day that he just couldn’t stand looking at that eye.
             The boy was extremely nice to the old man the whole week that he was studying his victim. He figured if he was nice to the old man, the last thing the old man would think is that the boy was about to kill him. Every night, the boy examined the old man as he slept. Every night at midnight, the boy would poke his head into the old man’s room and watch him sleep. Yet, doing this just seemed to aggravate the boy because every night that he watched the old man, he noticed that the evil eye was always shut. When he just saw the old man, without his vulture eye, he realized that he didn’t want to kill the old man he just wanted to get rid of that eye.
             Finally, on the eighth night, the boy popped his head into the room. He finally realized all the power that he possessed and that he was holding the old man’s life in his hands. Yet, on this night the old man may have sensed the boy’s p

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