Beowulf Vs. The 13th Warrior

             Some people say that the movie The 13th Warrior is almost a replica of the poem “Beowulf.” The two stories resemble each other extremely, but also have many, many differences. The movie is an altered, more modern version of the poem. The book talks about history and goes more into depth about each event. The movie concentrates more on larger battles and real-life situations. Both the poem and the movie show this in almost all aspects besides that religion is still a very widespread topic. The major way that the poem and the movie show a similarity is that they both have an admirable hero. Although the hero is a huge part in the movie and the poem, he is more modified in the movie. The hero in the movie is a person within many other people and in the poem is one great hero and that’s it. The world is moved not only by the mighty shove of the heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker. (Quoted by Helen Keller)
             The poem was written at approximately the same time when religion was converting from Paganism to Christianity. Therefore, it shows both the religions throughout the story. The poem reveals that Paganism is evident through the superhuman characters. Beowulf is an obvious superhero. The Pagan beliefs of immorality are also significant in the poem. Heathen practices are mentioned too, such as the vowing of sacrifices and the observing of omens. While many Pagan influences appear in the poem, Christianity seems to dominate. Beowulf has a Christ-like behavior in his charity and caring approach. The idea in the poem of living right, being loyal and pursuing leadership qualities can all be seen as traits of Christ.
             The movie, The 13th Warrior, is very similar to the poem as far as religion goes. It also shows Paganism as well as Islam.
             Ahmed Ibn Fahdian is new to the whole idea of war or fighting. It shows him bowing down and praying before a battle. This shows that he has...

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