European influence in Africa

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“Describe the factors that enabled European corporations to accumulate huge profits from their enterprises begun in Africa between 1885 and 1914.” Several factors enabled European corporations to accumulate huge profits from their enterprises between 1885 and 1914. These events include the Berlin Congress laying ground rules to annex Africa, the economic depression in Europe that lasted from 1873 until 1898, and the expansion of the transport networks linked to Europe. In 1884 the Berlin Congress laid the ground rules to annex land in Africa is seen as the event that kicked of the “Scramble for Africa.” A few countries in Europe started to claim grounds in Africa and thus a meeting of the European nations interested in Africa had an international conference. They discussed grievances about land in Africa and also future conduct among each other to avoid wars. Some of these countries, Britain and Germany, started to divide up the land south of th Continue...

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Another factor that lead to European corporations to large profits comes from the economic depression that lasted from 1873 to 1898. In the end only 3 great powers controlled the bigger share of Africa. The railways transported police, militias, and colonists. Another reason, a tax on all fit adult males. Such huge returns led to the funding and expansion of other finds, and so on. It was somewhat of a snowball effect. Almost any region in the world could be linked to the modern industries. In order to pay this tax Africans would have to earn money first. This was the creation of a very cheap labor force. These networks consisted of huge railway systems and also the overseas transportation routes. The majority of all the fertile land in Africa was taken up ad claimed by one of the powerful countries in Europe. Blood shed wasn't an uncommon thing in "the Scramble for Africa. To finish, the European corporations made out quite well from the new finds in Africa.


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