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Homer? Homer is the most famous Greek poet known to man. Still today there are numerous questions asked, but they are somewhat difficult to answer. Who was he? Where did he live? Is he really one person or many who are recognized as one? These are among the many questions that have only been answered in disbelief or misdirection. The ideas based on Homer are mostly assumptions or even hypotheses. This is mainly due to the fact that the great poet was active around three thousand years ago. A very shadowy man became one of the greatest storytellers that will ever live. Homer was a Greek poet who devoted his life to inventing stories to be passed on for generations. He conjured the Iliad and the Odyssey, as two of his renowned works. These two stories gained enough recognition to play a major part of Greek history, especially for Ancient Greece. The two epic poems managed to give people a role model such as Odysseus. People believed they could also succeed as Odysseus gave them courage making his way back home. The Odyssey also encouraged family ties, and basic moral values. The Iliad and the Odyssey encouraged future scholars to write and fathom imaginative fictitious stories. This led to present day novels such as Ha Continue...

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While living in that Ionic settlement it is alleged that Homer made his living as a court singer and storyteller, such as Phemius and Demodocus in the Odyssey(Perseus 1). It was an exemplarily work for students to learn from, and base their papers upon the same level of creativity. This lesson of overcoming obstacles shines through as Odysseus makes his way back to Ithaca. Some of the modern day questions are hard to answer about the famous "Blind Poet. E(Perseus 1) It begins in the "in media res faion, which translates to, "in the middle of things(Perseus 1). This was one of Odysseus's flaws, which held him back in a time of peril. Modern scholars generally agree that a single poet in Asia Minor wrote for an aristocratic audience before 700 B. Homer's stories were used to show students the many characteristics of which Homer's characters enveloped. Both epic-poems were passed down for at least a thousand years before writing was even invented(Perseus 1). Homer conceals certain characteristics of every person, and lessons in order to teach in a creative way. Achilles was someone to be feared, and it was told that he had been dipped in the river of Styx for invulnerability. The "Greek Storyteller exceeded his own goals as people have enjoyed his work for at least three thousand years. (Perseus 1) This is still just a general assumption, and shows how minute the amount of evidence is that exists today.


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