Homer is the most famous Greek poet known to man. Still today there are numerous questions asked, but they are somewhat difficult to answer. Who was he? Where did he live? Is he really one person or many who are recognized as one? These are among the many questions that have only been answered in disbelief or misdirection. The ideas based on Homer are mostly assumptions or even hypotheses. This is mainly due to the fact that the great poet was active around three thousand years ago. A very shadowy man became one of the greatest storytellers that will ever live.
             Homer was a Greek poet who devoted his life to inventing stories to be passed on for generations. He conjured the Iliad and the Odyssey, as two of his renowned works. These two stories gained enough recognition to play a major part of Greek history, especially for Ancient Greece. The two epic poems managed to give people a role model such as Odysseus. People believed they could also succeed as Odysseus gave them courage making his way back home. The Odyssey also encouraged family ties, and basic moral values. The Iliad and the Odyssey encouraged future scholars to write and fathom imaginative fictitious stories. This led to present day novels such as Harry Potter and millions of others. Homer’s works portrayed people with flaws, and revealed them creatively showing the public that nobody is perfect. Both epic-poems were passed down for at least a thousand years before writing was even invented(Perseus 1). This is a very long time to keep the same story going. Homer was a storyteller, and sang his poems to everyone(Perseus 1). These stories were handed down until they could be written. Some scholars believe that the Iliad wasn’t even written until a thousand years later when writing was formally introduced. It is said that these works were also used in Ancient Greece education(Perseus 1). Homer’s stories were used to show students the many characterist...

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