Darwin- The Origin of Species

             On the Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin, is a scientific abstract about revolutionary ideas on evolution and the diversity of species from the evolutionary process. This book was originally a personal journal while Darwin was touring onboard the ship H.M.S. Beagle as the naturalist. The ship sailed along the west coast of South America and stopped by islands that were later called the Galapagos Islands. Darwin discovered new sub-divisions of species that were on mainland South America and started hypothesizing on how so many different kinds of sub-divisions could occur. He eventually formed the journal into an informal scientific abstract and let colleagues, who later urged Darwin to publish the abstract, read and critique his ideas. The book was published in 1859 and within fifteen years of the publication the majority of the scientific community accepted Darwin's ideas as fact. Darwin wrote on his ideas that included new insights on the processes of evolution, gradualism, population speciation, common descent, and natural selection. Natural selection is probably the most unique and radical idea about which Darwin wrote, but his other insights were also to play an important role in how the scientific community would view evolution and heredity from that period onward.
             Darwin's outlook on evolution, besides the fact that it was actually plausible, was much different than his colleague's views. For one, Darwin believed that it took different mechanisms
             for the process of evolution. In Origin, he explains that instead of evolution taking place over
             the span of just a few generations like most evolution-supporters thought, it takes a very long time and for innumerable small occurrences for change in a species. This idea of gradualism also led to many changes in the field of geology. According to Darwin, for this kind of slow evolution to take place the history of the earth would have to be extremely long. Before 1...

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