resistance in the holocaust

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When we think of the quite courage of Miep and Henk Gies, and Oskar Schindler, and all others who refused to turn their backs on the Jews of the Holocaust, we ask ourselves how it happened that these few men, women, and children gathered the courage to face the risks they had to take. Who were these rescuers, and why did they do what they did? Nechama Tec, a well known, sociologist and herself a hidden child, suggests that the Holocaust rescuers were people who acted out of a “deep moral conviction” to respond to the suffering of another human being. Because of this conviction, the rescuers did what their consciences told them they had to do. And because of this singular act of goodness, more than 2,000,000 people were saved from the gas chambers. Resistance in the Holocaust helped to save many Jews. Three examples of this include Partisan Warfare, non-Jews risking their lives to hide/save Jews as well as people escaping from concentration camps. This helped the Jews by; Nazi Germans dieing from the partisan warfare, Jews being hidden from Nazis Germans by other German citizens as well as giving Jews hope to keep on living. The first example I will talk about is a very famous story known all over the world. This story is an Continue...

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Then again, guerrilla forces usually have the advantages of familiarity with the area, the sympathy of the population, and the ability to employ hit - and - run tactics. This type of resistance saved Jews by giving them a reason to live. Schindler used his connections with high-ranking Nazi officials in the Armaments Administration to set up a branch of the Plaszow camp in his factory for some nine hundred Jewish workers. Luckily all that happened to Miep and to Henk was that their lives were shattered. example of non-Jews risking their lives to save Jews. The action encouraged a few members of the Polish resistance to support the uprising, and a few machine guns, some hand grenades, and about a hundred rifles were smuggled in battle, and most of the survivors were sent to death camps. After two long years hiding the two families have gone to waste. On the other hand, many Jews in Western Europe, deeply perturbed as they were by the suffering of their fellow Jews, instead of joining a partisan unit devoted themselves to the rescue of Jews, which they believed was as important a challenge, and which appealed to them as Jews. Not so the Jew; he was a stranger, he was persecuted, and he had a chance of surviving in the forest only as part of a broad framework, as a fighter in a large general unit or in a Jewish unit integrated into a larger formation. There he took to previously Jewish owned firms dealing with the manufacturing of enamel kitchenware products one of which he operated directly for the Nazis. Many were caught and others were not. It became necessary to search for different ways, more organized and complex. The escape was carried out on the night of December 31, 1942. The intensified punitive measures -- the torture and hanging of the captured escapees and the announcement that for each prisoner who escaped ten others would be executed--also had their effect. They were joined by thousands of others, mostly the young and able-bodied, still needed for forced labor.


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