Art means to me..

             Art to me is very important. Although, I have to admit, when I was younger I didn’t really care that much about appreciating it. I think it was mainly the fact that no one ever really took the time to explain to me why we should appreciate art and what all artists puts into his or her piece of art. However somewhere along the way, I think in my 10th grade English class, I started to appreciate the true meaning of each piece of art that I looked at.
             My 10th grade English teacher had all of us in the class do a project on an artist. I did my project on Georgia O’Keeffe and learned many interesting things about her. I think it was at this time that I finally started to appreciate the beauty of art. When I look at art now I actually do get some sort of feeling from it. This feeling may be a bad feeling or a good feeling. Either way, I do feel something just by looking at art.
             Often I try to imagine what the artist might have been thinking and experiencing at the time they designed their masterpiece. In reality we don’t really have any idea what they were thinking, but it’s intriguing to me to try to figure this out.
             I guess when it comes down to it it’s hard for me to explain what art really means to me. I think the main way to clarify the true meaning of it to me is to say that art makes an imprint in my life. I don’t just look at art and think nothing of it. I look at art and try to understand what it means. I look at art and try to make it mean something in my life. Even though this meaning may not be the same intention that the artist had planned. Art means to me that someone was trying to express his or her feelings, emotions and thoughts. Art to me is a piece of someone’s mind and heart. As you can see, art means many things to me. More than I actually thought before starting to write this paper

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