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Abortion In the time that we live in, it seems to me that humans have lost the respect for life. For one to actually be able to say they no longer want this human existing blows my mind out of the water. Abortion is clearly an act of murder, allowing one human to destroy another. Though the federal government has allowed these acts to continue, there has become stricter laws to which must abide by. Thus allowing for these kinds of acts would be violating the laws that we Americans abide by, manipulating the text that is so clearly stated. Let us take step back from this issue and reflect on how one would come about to an abortion. If one was a true American than he/she would respect and obeyed by the first laws that this country was built on, which were the words of the Bible. These words state that neither man nor women should indulge themselves in any sexually related act before marriage. Now if we reflect on the issue of who or Continue...

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The promiscuous acts of these young ladies tend to show up around 9 months later. Of course these girls are nothing but children themselves, so how would they be able to raise a child into this world I believe that this is the reason why we have allowed abortions to take place in this God believing country. This has many benefits to the mother and the child but the best is the opportunity for the child to experience life and not death so quickly. Abortions are an act of murder and should be taken more offensively to every human that hears of this. what age group of women are committing most abortions it would be the unmarried. This is one of us, but living between tissues of skin depending solely on its mother. The state of which she resides in does offer a chance for the mother to give that child up for adoption allowing other married couples a chance to raise a her child. Another option is for the mother to bare her child and actually raise it herself. But who has the right to say at what state is a human actually a human. An abortion should never be an option when a child is formed in the womb because there are so many ways of saving this precious life from a quick death. In most cases when the mother gives birth to her child she becomes automatically attached to the child and usually wants to raise it herself. I thank God for the opportunity that I had to be born considering the fact that women of the 1980's were having abortions. This undeveloped human is at its beginning points of life and to take away its' opportunity of living is clearly murder and should punishable by the state courts.