Is science bad or good?

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I strongly believe that science, and all of it components are good. Science by definition is the search of new knowledge, how can this be bad? Everything has the potential of being good or bad. It all depends on the people who are behind it. Nurses deliver anti-biotics, which can cure a number of diseases. On the other hand those abusing drugs, such as heroin users, use needles. No one is arguing saying that needles are evil, because it’s an inanimate, the same rule should apply with science. Some people say without scienc Continue...

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Science is involved in every profession, lawyers, detectives, and firefighters depend on facts, to solve certain crimes or to prove that a pacific incident has occurred. e life would be better or simpler, but in reality science is the reason people are able to watch television, the reason people are living much longer and healthier life's. We see them use science more often in crimes of murder, arson, and rapes; forensics, is what is used solve these almost unbreakable crimes. It's not the technology that's causes the war anyway; it's our own human characteristics, like greed, vanity, and jealousy. Before these technological advances people still had wars, they just through rocks, and spears. A popular opposing argument is without science there would be no war, or bombs or mass destruction. Without science a lot of people would pull muscles, strain them or dislocate a joint. Science is needed in every day life, from cooking to playing a CD. Weight Lifters, athletes, and trainers all use science, they all know the principle of overloading muscles, and they understand isometrics, a way to exercise. If we combat these human flaws, then we will rid the world of people's fears of technology. It is not science that created all of the destruction, and horrible pain it is the people who controlling the machines who cause the harm.


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