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Jones 1 The Pros of Biotechnology Biotechnology can be used to help humans. As essayist Cecie Starr and Ralph Taggart write “biotechnology can be used to cure rare diseases.” Biotechnology can be used to help any form of life from plants to animals and even food. For more than three billion years, nature has been conducting uncountable numbers of genetic experiments. Biotechnology is a specific science that lets us find the most beneficial traits of any living life form. Researchers use recombinant DNA technology to look at genetic changes. Recombinant DNA lets laboratory specialist cut DNA from different species and put the molecules from it into bacteria or other types of cells. Researchers also use genetic engineering when doing their homophone experiments. Genetic engineering means to isolate, modify and insert genes back into the same organism or back into a different one. This technology originated with bacteria. Bacterial cells have a single chromosome that has all the genes they need to have to grow and reproduce. But a lot of species also have something called plasmids. Plasmids are small molecules of DNA that have genes in them. Restriction enzymes are able to recognize and cut apart a foreign DN Continue...

Every living thing from the simplest to the most sophisticated has a genetic code that lets you know what kind of traits it will have. Restriction-fragment-length polymorphisms, or RFLP"tms, give lab geneticists another way of seeing human inheritance. Genes on a chromosome have one chance to be separated each generation during the formation of egg and sperm cells. It focuses mainly on specific chromosomes. In a lab in Salt Lake City called Myriad, they are testing cotton swabs that contain DNA off the cheeks of the victims that died in the World Trade Center disaster. Biotechnology is providing real answers to some of the greatest challenges we face at in this new century, such as hunger and malnutrition, as well as more effective ways to prevent diseases and treat serious illnesses. So if a RFLP always comes with a disease in one kind of family, the gene for this disease must be close to it. Researchers around the world are working their way through many human chromosomes. This can help fight off viruses because it can find bad DNA and reject it. Biotechnology is able to cut off a certain gene in one organism, take it out, and then put it in another organism. Products that have all ready been made by using biotechnology to help people include human insulin for diabetics, growth factors used in bone marrow transplants, products for treating heart attacks, diagnostic test for infectious diseases like hepatitis and AIDS. You can also give better nutrition to and flavor to foods and give it the ability to fight off pest and diseases. In research laboratories, certain strains of bacteria are being made to degrade oil spills, manufacture alcohol, help the disposal of waste, and help make medicine.