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“ As nearly perfect as any book can be. It is straightforward, it has simplicity and unsentimental tragedy, and it has a swift, unforced style, which stamps it as permanent. ” Humbert Wolfe In this classic novella, which established him as one of the world’s most celebrated writers, John Steinbeck tells the story of two friends in 1930’s California. John Steinbeck wrote a naturalistic novel that dealt with three powerful and universal themes, imperative in the latter success of the novel. These themes were the value of dreams and goals, hopes and friendship. The novel also illustrates the importance of moral responsibility, and veracity of social injustice. His book Of Mice and Men is a story of two men living during the Great Depression in California. This is a book of defeated hope and the harsh reality of the “American Dream.” Steinbeck’s naturalistic and unrefined style of writing is helpful because of its ability to connect with his readers. The three strong themes in the novel are important because they depict human life in an interesting way, which can be understood. Of Mice and Men is a universal story because people everywhere can relate to the dreams, pleasures, and struggles of the characters. Whi Continue...

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Joe wants no thanks and is embarrassed when Pip alludes to it: he does not give the matter a second thought, just as there is no question whether he will take time off from his business, and so lose income, to look after his friend. He marries to impress the men with his sexual prowess and to boast to his wife about how he will give "the ol' one-two to his opponents. What began vaguely as a duty, after the death of Lennie's Aunt Clara, has become a way of life: there is companionship and trust in this relationship, which makes it almost unique among the ranch-hands. The sagacious and truthful character can be somewhat equated to Herbert Pocket in Great Expectations. It is ironic that the retarded man should be taken into the confidence of these supposedly normal characters. She is, perhaps, the most pathetic of all the characters. We were always more or less miserable, and most of our acquaintance were in the same condition. Chapter 27, occurs after Pip has discovered his "expectations. Through his books, we came to understand the virtues of a loving heart and the pleasures of home in a flawed, cruelly indifferent world. Unlike all the other characters, however, is the broad-minded Slim. He strokes the hair of Curley's wife, at her invitation, but does it too roughly; she panics and tries to cry out, and Lennie shakes her violently, breaking her neck. Therefore, it is fitting that, in both of Dickens' final episodes, Pip is happy and content with his life. The job is hard and requires skill, yet no formal learning, so Joe seems a fool to those around him. They are uneasy about this, as they think her to be seriously promiscuous, and are fearful of Curley's reaction.


Fitzgerald, F. Scott. Babylon Revisited
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The Character of John F. Kennedy
Thomas C. Reeves, in A Question of Character, presents a portrait of John F. Kennedy which Joe's displeasure was expressed with [an] 'ice-cold steel blue [stare (1535 6 )

Global Warming: Addressing Its Effects
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