Gain Audiences Attention: Did you know that each one of you in this room generate about 4.4 pounds of trash each day? That is a very shocking figure. Something even more shocking is of that waste 70% are recyclable goods. With each person generating this much trash, we can each lead a hand in preserving our environment.
             Relate Topic to Audience: I’m sure that each of you would agree that our environment has become very polluted with recyclable good over the past decade. I’m sure you will also agree that a plan of action must be taken. You might be surprised to know that if each of us takes a part in recycling we will all benefit in several aspects.
             Relate Topic to Speaker: I have always been very interested in recycling and helping to preserve our planet. I have learned that merely separating the goods that are recyclable is very simple and takes little time and effort, but provides many benefits. I am creditable to talk to you about this topic today because I have recycled most of my life and completed extensive research in this area.
             Preview of Main Points: By transforming waste materials into useable resources I will discuss first, how recycling provides a way to manage solid waste while reducing pollution, Second how recycling conserves energy, third how recycling is easy and convenient, and finally how recycling creates jobs while building more competitive manufacturing industries. Today, after my speech you will see when all of these factors are taken into account, the overwhelming advantages of recycling.
             Recycling cuts pollution and conserves natural resources. The greatest environmental benefits of recycling are related not to landfills, but to the conservation of energy and natural resources and reduction of pollution in manufacturing that result from using recycled raw materials in place of virgin raw materials. Recycled materials have already been refined and processed once, so manufacturing

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