Gods and Humans - Greek Methology

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Jon Similarities between GREEKS AND HUMANS As we take a look back into Greek mythology, we see that gods and humans are not so different. We see that neither of them not only interact with each other but look and talk the same. Gods and Humans also share something that I would like to call life. Gods share the same ideas and attitude toward each other just like the humans did. Take love for instance. Gods have the same meaning towards love just as the humans did and also in different ways. Like Zeus who used to find a the most beautiful woman he could find and have sex Continue...

with them, after that he would basically dump them on the street. Gods like Poseidon would have affairs. Now that you have been exposed to the information provided, you see that Gods and Humans are not so different. And so many would try to beat her in a race but most failed. Gods like Atalanta would want some one better than her own self. These are the things that happen everyday between Gods and Humans that make them so similar. Jealousness is also a similarity between Gods and Humans. Humans had affairs and men would have sex with every woman whom they may find just like Gods! Gods and Humans were also competitive. All I am trying to prove to you is that theirs a very thin line between the differences of Gods and Humans. Although Jealousness could and would lead to anger and frustration, it just shows another major similarity between Gods and Humans. Humans such as men would fight each other to get a woman and humans would compete in races to win just like Gods. Humans on one hand would fight for there lover and would not give up without a fight. These characteristics of the Gods would also apply to humans. Humans such as a man going out with a woman and having another man jealous of that couple shows an example of Jealousness.