True Story:True Faith

             The fourth chapter from William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, gives the reader some insight as to the trials and tribulations of the English explorers. Bradford gives a long very detailed description of the sea voyage to Cape Cod. He then goes on to tell about the experiences once a safe arrival is secured. In all of his descriptions, Bradford seems to spend more time describing the negative aspects of the adventures. It is not that Bradford is trying to belittle America he simply states the complete truth in his writing. There is no sugar coating or use of words that will persuade the reader to want to make the journey. Of Plymouth Plantation is the full truth behind what the English survived and how they got through their roughest times. Bradford uses this book as a method of recording how strongly these people believed in God and how hard they worked.
             The first story that Bradford tells is that of a young man who is sole interest is collecting the belongings of those who die on the voyage. The man becomes infected with a disease that is fatal. “Thus his curses light on his own head, and it was an astonishment to all his fellows for the noted it to be the just hand of God upon him.(60)” The people on the ship really believed that God knew the boy was evil-hearted and God punished him for that. In the next situation, the seamen doubt the ability of the boat. The waters were rough and there was indecision on whether or not the boat could make it. They did what they could to fix the vessel and then they “committed themselves to the will of God and resolved to proceed.(60)” The people on the ship knew they were taking a risk but they let their amazing faith in God guide them through the rough waters. It is also important to note that the Englishmen never lost sight of God. Even when they reached safe ground they remembered to praise their Lord for helping them. “They fell upo

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