My Mom

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She has taught me to always try my best, to treat everyone equally, to not give up when things get hard. She tells me to at all times be honest because in the end, lies always hurt more. She instills the importance of family and of doing well at school in me. When I make decisions and she doesn’t always agree with them, she makes sure that I know that she is behind me all the way because she wants me to always be happy. She has taught me right from wrong and the significance of self-respect. She is my mother, the greatest influence in my life. Not only as a mom but also as a friend. A time that is really prominent in my mind, that I hope I will always remember, is th Continue...

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e year when I was doing poorly in English class and I wanted to drop it. Everyone deserves to have a person who they look up to, even if it"tms not a parent or family member. Not only because she gave me good advice but because she was talking to me like a friend would, being understanding of where I was coming from and about my feelings. The "easy way out" as my mom called it. I was kind of afraid that the girl wouldn"tmt talk to me after that but I still held my ground. After I remembered that "no thank you" was quickly spoken out of my mouth. In the end, she and I became good friends. "Think before you act," "you will always have a choice to be happy or sad, to do what is good or bad and to do the right thing," is what she tells me. "Hey what"tms your name Would you like to come smoke a cigarette with me" The first thing that popped into my mind was how my mom always taught me never to smoke because it is bad and could cause serious health problems. The talk with my mom helped me tremendously. She helped me realize that I was intelligent enough to be in the class that is why I was put in it, and that I could do anything I put my mind to. Therefore, since my mom has taught me morals, values, respect, and has always been there for me, she is a significant person in my life. First and foremost, my mom has taught me to be happy and true to myself because I can never not face myself, and the choices I make. Once when I was at a party with some close friends, a really good-looking girl I didn"tmt know came over to me.


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