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As I Lay Dying

As I lay Dying William Faulkner was born in 1897 to a southern family is Oxford, Mississippi. Faulkner has written a substantial amount of short stories and novels from his little farm in Oxford. As I Lay Dying, a novel by Faulkner has received much praise and was ranked in 1992 as one of the top hundred novels of the twentieth century. As I lay Dying is a novel which takes place in the early to late 1920's in the small imaginary county of Yoknapatawpha. Faulkner directs the readers eyes to a very southern town where the terrain is very rough and so are the times. The novel takes us to Faulkners imaginary town where a maiden by the name of Addie Bundren is dying in her bed. Addie who is married to a lazy greedy man by the name of Anse wants to buried in Jefferson, "where her people are from." Once Addie dies the plot of the story comes along as the family of six goes to put Addie to rest. As the plot thickens the reader becomes involved in a unique writing style which explores every characters thoughts and feelings. Each chapter there is a new character telling there side and this is when the whole story comes out. The novel takes the reader through a journey once Addie dies that explores many different themes. Grieving is seen in each and everyone of the characters in this novel. Lastly Faulkner does an excellent job of involving greed throughout the novel. While the journey to bury Addie is proceeding the greed is swarming over the five children and also Anse. For example, Anse who earlier in his life became lazy and made Addie into a baby factory shows no emotion to his wife until she dies. Once she is diciest Anse becomes very emotional and wants to grant his wife's dying wish. In all truths Anse just wants a new set of teeth. Another greed move by Anse is when the flood drowns the mules he wants to trade Cash's eight hard earned dollars and Jewels beloved horse, even though the neighbors were saying that Anse could bo...

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