The Negative Effects of TV Vio

             The Negative Effects of TV Violence On Children
             The effects of television on children have been researched many times over the years. This is because parents and society in general, have found that television effects the way that children think, and act in some way. Most feel that children’s programming is not as educational as some broadcasting companies say they are.
             Television is the largest form of public media to ever exist. But it was not always this way. Television in the 1950’s was very different from the television that we know today. When television was first created, it battled the newspaper, radio, and movies (Klapper 1968, 89). To be violent is human nature, but when television was introduced to the America, the American public feared that depictions of crime and violence on television would lead children to become more aggressive in their day to day life (Klapper 1968, 87). Now in the present, many studies have been conducted to test the theories of psychologists, sociologists, and even mothers and fathers (White 1999, 4)
             The following research that has been conducted will hopefully help humans learn the effects of television violence on children, positive or negative. The data has been collected from 30 questionnaires that were handed out to various ages of people.
             A large majority of past studies have concluded that large quantities of television may be damaging to a child’s mind (Levine 1998, 9), and through the use of surveys, it is seen that seventy percent of parents agree, or strongly agree that television is disruptive to a child’s mind (Durkin 1999, 27). This is interesting as the questionnaire that this researcher handed out seemed to give a much different conclusion.
             A questionnaire was handed out to collect data. This was so because a questionnaire ideally involves many subjects, and is a very flexible method of conducting research. Teenagers were chosen as the primary sample f...

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