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Saving for your future an alternative to social security General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to start saving for their retirement Central Idea: Starting early to save for future has many benefits over Social Security Introduction: I. (Attention Getter) Only 1 person, out of the 20 responses I got from the survey have started planning for their future. A. This is understandable because most of us probably think that worrying about social security at our age is unnecessary. B. Because we are high school students, our school schedule only allows us to work part time. C. The one person that has started saving for their retirement is 32 years old, she currently works full time, attending two college classes and has a child. She is participating in her employer's profit sharing program or 401K plan. And this woman also owns stocks. She already has a good start on her future. II. (Credibility Statement) I myself have started saving for my future by starting an IRA account, trading stocks and looking forward to purchasing my first home, I’m only seventeen years old. III. (Reveal Topic) you simply cannot rely on Social Security to support you in your "Golden Continue...

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And suppose your friend did the same thing but he started at age 35. With the earnings you make, you will be able to pay for your child's education. I, and the rest of the single male population do the worst, when we only have a rate of return of less than half a percent. (Transition: So, compared to Social Security, putting your money in stocks and other investments for retirement is the much better deal. The rate of return varies from person to person. (Preview) Today I will discuss Social Security and why the current system is not working, ways that you can start saving for your future, and the benefits of saving for your retirement instead of relying on Social Security. The money that is collected is put in a trust fund that provides a monthly income for retired workers. Now more and more people are investing in stocks because they see the great rate of return. By 2012, the Social Security trust funds are expected to start paying out more in benefits than it collects from taxes. Which means that there will be less people in the workforce to pay for the increasing number of retirees.


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