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ÿ Discuss how you are or will be using mathematics in your career. I believe that math is very important in our world, because with out it there would be no money, no math teachers, no business administrators to just name a few. In the coming future, I plan to become a teacher, but if there were no math, I would be nobody. I would be using math a lot, because I will need to keep grades for tests, homework, exams and the class grade. At the same time I would need to keep track in my record of how many students are currently taking my class and probably how many are going to drop it. This way I will be prepared with my class lecture and handouts. At the same time if I am going to be a teacher I will need to teach math to my students. I will be using math a lot, we can say e Continue...

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I really appreciate the mathematicians for coming up with more ways to do math and showing us how to use it, and more important to make our lives easier, which is what most of us are looking for in this world. I will teach my students the importance of math and learning the correct math and know how, where, and why to use it. Another simple way were we see math is in our cooking, for example baking a cake, we will need to place the right amount of ingredients in our mixture in order for the cake to be eatable, also we need to put the right temperature and keep track of the time that way the cake will not get burned or be undercooked. Some examples of were we use it are very simple as just going to the store. I understand that math is important, that is why I am learning more about it and using it in my every day life. As we can see from my writing above I plant to use math very much. I plan to use math in my future for everything, from my cooking to my teaching. At this point we will need math in order to pay for our stuff and give the right amount and of course get the right amount in return. Even on this world math is very necessary, you cannot go out and not use math. I would like to teach it in the future, not just to my own children, but also to every student in my class. I want to give them the opportunity to not just better themselves by learning about it but to be able to use it and maybe teach it later on when we are not around to help out on what we can. From this two examples shown above we can see that math is in our every day life and we could not be able to do anything with out it. And I would enjoy, knowing that everybody or at least somebody would admire math as much as I do, because to say the truth with out math there is no world around us.


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