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Jackson Andrew

Andrew Jackson I intend to prove that Andrew Jackson truly was a president for the common man. Andrew wasn’t the kind of man who only worried about higher class individuals. He cared about the common man, which was what the majority of the united states were. Andrew Jackson started his historic life, on March 15, 1767 in South Carolina. He was brought up by the parents Andrew and Elizabeth Jackson. Andrew attended some school, but never all the way through high school. When Andrew was only 13 he was ready to join the South Carolina Militia, and die for our country if needed. I feel that he was very brave for doing this at such a young age. He started out only delivering messages back and forth, but only weeks later he found himself fighting neighbor to neighbor with the British. Jackson and his brother were betrayed by a neighbor and taken prisoner. The boys were taken to the officer in command and were ordered to clean his boots. Andrew was young and frightened but still refused. He said that he deserved the expected treatment to a prisoner of war, and he also deserved his freedom of speech. The officer responded by giving him a blow to the head with a saber. The blow could have killed him, if he hadn’t put his hand up to stop the impact. Andrews hand was cut to the bone and a deep gash made on his forehead. He had to live with that scar for the rest of his life. Andrew learned a lot while he was serving his country. He saw a lot of misunderstanding and injustice in the army. Maybe that’s why he chose to study law, to struggle for the truth, and to open the truth to people. He believed in the common good. Anyone interested in joining law simply had to “read law,” with an attorney until he was able to pass his bar examination. Andrew stayed with different layers for about a year. He then took his bar exam to become a layer himself. In his time between studying law Andrew met a lady named Rac...

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