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Nightfall Suppose for a moment that you live in a world orbited by six suns, at least one of which is always shining, except for one night of total eclipse every two millennia. This means that it is constantly bright there, as there are always at least two suns in the sky overhead. The people have never experienced night, and they are afraid of the dark. As this forecasted night approaches, scientists begin to think that the psychological effects of utter darkness may explain the fact that civilization on this world is cyclical and must start again from scratch every two thousand years. Finally, darkness falls. But it is not the darkness that deranges everyone; it is the thousands of suddenly and overwhelmingly visible stars. This is the premise for "Nightfall", a story written by Isaac Asimov in 1938 which has bee Continue...

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The main characters are all intellectuals. It has characters and a dialogue which creates the realism and clues of what is happening in the story, which contribute to the development of the story. Also how all the people go crazy at the end. The action of the story revolves around their conversations because they are the main characters. They've mention the hideout they have created in the caves and also the experiments Faro and Yimot have done in regards to the reaction people might have. Aton 77 and Theremon 762 are very important because they hold clues of what is happening in the story. Aton 77 represent the true scientists believers of the end of the world. n voted the best science fiction short story of all time. Therefore, Nightfall is a short story written by Isaac Asimov in 1938 and its key elements of what makes it a short story are its characters and dialogue. Nightfall has some key elements of what makes a short story. This is apparent when he keeps asking Sheerin 501 and Dr. For example the myth of the stars of the Book of Revelations. Theremon wants to get to the bottom of the story, he wants to know the reasons why all the other characters truly believe the world is going to end. Aton 77 about the different theories of this great mystery.


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