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Television is always been a big part of our society. Every day as we are moving forward with our busy life, television is taking part on it. As our society is growing, the news media, sports, and entertainment are also expending themselves. Television is influencing our daily life in many ways. It’s good parts are helping us to move forward in our life. On the other hand, television has a negative impact on American society because it is seen more of an entertainment Vance, rather than educational. Therefore, it has lowered the overall moral standards of America. In early 19th century television was not that popular as today. Television did not play any major role in peoples life. Especially in American society, it was a hope for people to have a television at their home, where today we have two to three televisions at the same house. This is an improvement of technology, but is this is this improvement of technology in television helping us or harming us! If the answer is not harmful, it would be vary hard for us to say that it is helpful. In 1950-60’s people used to sit front of the television with an interest to enjoy themselves or have some good time. But today if we look our life what is the situation, are we enjoying Continue...

The researchers noticed real differences between the kids who watched the violent shows and those who watched nonviolent ones. Children who watch a lot of TV are less aroused by violent scenes than are those who only watch a little; in other words, they're less bothered by violence in general, and less likely to see anything wrong with it. Today all these things going around us, we are informed by television. On that time there was no color television, today we have no black and white. American still wants to have television to enjoy their life. Another study done at Pennsylvania State University, about 100 preschool children were observed both before and after watching television; some watched cartoons that had a lot of aggressive and violent acts in them, and others watched shows that didn't have any kind of violence. By looking at it from out world people do not understand what is going on with us. In those days, there were vary few shows, which was helpful for people, those was educational, those shows was a way for people to think about their life. If we compare these with 1950's or 60's, we will see difference there. Children those who are spending hour and hour watching television, they are not getting any things out of it instead of making their brain lazy. These advertisements are becoming valueless to us because of the misinformation. Television is also having a bad impact on children life.