Urban Sprawl

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Assignment 3A: The Search for a True Nation-State When thinking about Europe and its Multinational States, one usually thinks of the former Yugoslavia and all of the conflict and war that the diversity has caused the region. Despite the problems that a pluralist society has caused for certain states, there are still countries that are very much pluralist and still living in peace unified. An example of these countries is Switzerland. With three official languages, more than three prominent ethnic groups, and two main religions, Switzerland has remained one of the most peaceful countries in Europe, and is honored by the European powers for its neutrality in both World Wars. The very multinational Switzerland is bordered by one of the most pure nation-states all of Europe—France. With a long history of keeping the nation one single unit and promoting cultural unity, France has kept French the only spoken and written language in the country, and also managed to keep the immigration laws extremely strict. Though the unity provides the French a strong sense of who they are, the exclusive state also causes many problems. In this paper, we will take an indepth look at the people of France and Switerland, and describe what kind of a s Continue...

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The awareness of a kind of leveling can reinforce feelings of inferiority. In the words of former prime minister Michel Rocard, France cannot be "a juxtaposition of communities. The constitution of the Fifth Republic states that: "France is an indivisible, secular, democratic, and social Republic. It is part of the multi-layered nature of Switzerland that it contains both the narrowness and a degree of extensiveness; the small size of the country and its many different languages makes it necessary to interact with bordering countries. Switzerland is clearly dominated by the middle class population. In France, neither the concept of race nor ethnicity are used in common jargon, it's more common to refer to the problem of racism. However, despite how many or few different races, languages, or ethnicities there exist in that state, both countries have a strong sense of their identities, and that's what is a key aspect to keeping a strong state. External conditions such hemmed-in valleys or the tightness of resources are helpful to moderation or even restrictiveness. In terms of ethnicity, 65 percent are Germans, 18 percent French, and ten percent Italian. It is a country that "stresses adherence to common values. Most of the unity of France roots from the government. Ethnic minorities are referred to as "immigrants, "foreigners, or "French. As for Switzerland, there are not many people there who could be categorized as foreigners. (Scalo, 1992) According to the 1999 census, 64 percent of Switzerland's inhabitants spoke German as their mother tongue, some 19 percent French and around 7 percent Italian.


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