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There has been a lot of talk from many individuals about wiping out crime, but many times efforts are forfeited to rationalization that crime can never be stopped. There has always been crime, and there will always be crime as long as the causes of these crimes are not dealt with in a suitable manner. In preventing these causes, much of the crime that exists today can be stopped before it starts. Many factors can be involved when considering the causes of crime. Of these factors poverty, lack of education, and peer pressure are among the leading causes. The first contributing element to crime is poverty. Many of the people in poverty are desperate to do something about their situation so they turn to crime as a means of doing so. In many cases, the people see the money that can come out of crime. Such things as robbing banks and convenient stores offer a good source of income as long as they are not caught. When comparing the crime rates of states to the poverty levels, one can see there is a great correlation between the two. States like New Hampshire, where the poverty level is relatively low, have very low crime rates. On the other hand, places such as Washington D.C., where the poverty level is very high, have very Continue...

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There are many resources available to prisoners to help get a proper education now and they have been proving effective so far. Groups offer social rules for interacting with others, thereby providing confused young people with acceptable guides for action and a sense of security. Poverty, a lack of education, and peer pressure are all factors that contribute to the occurrence of crime. They offer acceptance and approval from persons in the larger world and help young people feel confident and worthy. All of the stories included crime as a result of poverty. The website states: "you've worn the same shirt and pants for five days, how are you going to feel Your social worker just screwed you over for the third time this month, how are you going to feel You don't think your mom loves you at all, how do you feel Poverty leads to lack of self-respect, which leads to aggravation, which leads to crime In taking steps to resolve the connection between poverty and crime, it is important to look at the effect that self-respect has on the individual involved in the cycle. The improvement of the education system now will have better results in stopping crime before it starts. Educational skills can help deter young people from committing criminal acts and can greatly decrease the likelihood that people will return to crime after release from prison. Children in poverty stricken communities usually do not receive a proper education. One way to prevent peer pressure from running an individual's life is to educate them on how to become and individual who is responsible for making affective decisions on their own. Peer pressure is defined as "direct influence peers have on an individual to persuade to act in a similar manner similar or acceptable to them. When persons in these groups are involved with such things as drugs, violence, and other acts of indiscretions they may influence the others in that group to do the same leading to a great increase in crime. This method of prevention is only after a crime has been committed though.


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