After High School

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Have you ever stopped to wonder about what happened to that big star in high school? What did they do after high school? A limited few of those stars actually make it to the big leagues. Most of them remain behind wondering what might have been. In John Updike’s poem “An Ex-Basketball Player,” a former high school basketball’s star’s life is illustrated through the eyes of one of his enthusiasts. The first stanza of “An Ex-Basketball Player” permits the reader to see where Flick is after high school. “Before it has a chance to go two blocks” Flick has stayed so close he is not even two blocks away from the memories of his glory days. He is also so unaccomplished that he still “helps Berth out.” He is not even the owner of the garage he just works there. He is Continue...

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John Updike gives the reader a distressing and vivid image of what could have happened to the person that was adored in the their own high school. The third stanza discuses what a remarkable basketball player he was. in a dead end job with no future to speak of which defiantly not the life he expected when he started out being such a legend. "He bucketed three hundred ninety points this was an accomplish that made people in extreme awe of him. "As a gag, he dribbles an inner tub this allows the reader to know that he still has some of his talent left. After work Flick goes to "Mae's luncheonette this is most likely because he has nobody to go home to. It also shows that Flick wants people to remember him as the star he once was. Although I doubt those younger people know that it is just Flick, who pumps their gas and not some now professional athlete. Instead of having his followers do everything for him. He is now the low man on the totem pole and has to do whatever is asked of him. This demonstrates how much talent he showed at such a young age and how much everyone around him acknowledged it. Flick Webb might have done better for himself in life if he had never shoot a basketball. It also seems to be an escape from his mundane duties of changing oil, tires, and anything else that needs to be done. The speaker himself is still amazed by his talent "his hands were like wild birds.


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