How to reduce the green house effect.

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What is the greenhouse effect? First there is speculation on whether there is such an event as the greenhouse effect. Some scientists say that there is, while some scientists say that it is just the cycle of the Earth as far as the weather. The greenhouse effect is what we call the result of harmful levels of gases in the atmosphere that don’t allow all the heat to escape the atmosphere. The results of this can be higher temperatures, changing sea levels and changes to the weather patterns. The most harmful gas that is being released is called “chlorofluorocarbon”. This gas is the highest level of gas with the harmful effect of not letting the proper amount of heat to escape the atmosphere. This is also the gas that affects the ozone layer. The ozone layer is the layer in the atmosphere that protects us from harmful radiation from the sun. We also have to watch the levels of methane and carbon dioxide. All or any of these gases in high levels can cause more of the heat to be trapped in the atmosphere. What can be done to slow or stop this effect? The best thing that can be done to stop this effect is to slow the release of these harmful gases into the atmosphere. How do we do this? The first way is to stop using fossi Continue...

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Use more solar plants, wind harnessing devices, hydro-electric plants and such. People believe that oil tycoons and gasoline manufacturers are purposely slowing the research, so that they can continue to make money. To help with this you can contact your local senator or congressman. The world is slowly coming to realize these things and is taking steps towards helping the atmosphere and protecting the earth. This allows for higher mileage with smaller amounts of gasoline. Reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible is also very important. One thing that we can do to help stop the greenhouse effect is to stop cutting down the forests of the earth. Having compost in the garden for biodegradable waste is excellent and gives nutrients back to the earth. We are finally starting to see hybrid vehicles. The best thing that we could do to stop the greenhouse effect is to come up with alternative energy sources. Nuclear plants are able to supply huge amounts of electricity but they have there own risks as well. One of the best things that we can do to reduce the emission of these gases into the atmosphere is to find an alternative fuel for diesel vehicles. Research does take time as well as manufacturing of the vehicles. In the 1980's the world outlawed the use of chlorofluorocarbons in items, which has resulted in the decay of the ozone and the reduction of harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere.


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